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Becoming the family girl 3 - front cover

Becoming the Family Girl 3

Trapped, feminised and used by the girlfriend’s family. This explicit tale of one boy’s helpless descent into girlhood concludes.

Jordan’s new life as a girl seems destined to spiral out of control. His continued place at college beckons, yet his adoptive family and in particular his girlfriend’s mom, show no signs of allowing him to return to his life as a boy.

Just when he thinks an opportunity is being presented to him to escape his gender-bending subterfuge, it’s snatched away, only to be replaced by a new and life changing leap into his continuing feminisation and intensely erotic sexualisation.

One last family member appears oblivious to his secret nature – for the moment. If he’s going to bring an end to his coerced descent into girlhood, it has to be now, else he may find what lies ahead of him could spell the end of the boy inside, and the birth of Jordan, the family girl.

Follow Jordan in the concluding part of this series, as he experiences an explosive and mind-bending act that will define his future in a way he could never have suspected in his wildest, most erotic of dreams.

This 21,000+ word erotic story contains explicit adult content including; crossdressing, coerced feminisation, masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, m/f, m/m, taboo themes etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.

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New Paperback Edition

Becoming Mommy's Girl - Front Cover (Paperback)

Becoming Mommy’s Girl

All three bestselling books together in one intensely erotic tale of taboo feminisation

Part One:
Francis is a nineteen year old college boy whose father has left both him and his stepmom for another life. When one day his stepmom returns home to catch him in an embarrassing situation, a misunderstanding ensues that will set him on a path he could never have imagined.

Part Two:
Francis’ first day at college as a girl arrives and his new found sexuality is soon put to the test. As a boy he went through life almost unnoticed, as a girl he is learning what life is like when others desire you in the most intimate of ways.

Part Three:
Francis’ feminisation continues down a road that he could scarcely have believed possible. His new found confidence as a girl drives him on to experiment even further with his blossoming girlhood, leading toward an explosive climax in this intensely erotic tale of male feminisation.

Follow Francis as he experiences feelings that he never knew he had at the hands of his beautiful stepmom. A woman that is more than willing to turn him into the young girl of her dreams.

The explosive finale sees his swiftly disappearing boyhood overtaken by a new ultra-feminine existence, and there’s one final twist in his tale that will cement his new life as a girl beyond any doubt. There really is no turning back now!

This erotic story contains explicit sexual content and is strictly suitable for adults only.

This 190 page collection is available only as a paperback edition.

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