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Turned into a Sexy Stewardess - Front cover

Turned into a Sexy Stewardess

A sexually explicit tale of one boy’s feminised fate in the sky

Zach is a twenty year old boy in his first job abroad, when he finds himself unexpectedly jobless, homeless, and penniless. His boss has little sympathy for him and he’s soon desperate to find a way home. With no money to afford his airfare, he’ll do almost anything to get home.

When his friend Lauren contacts him to say she’s in town, Zach thinks his prayers have been answered and rushes to meet her. If he was hoping she could afford to pay for his flight, he was about to be sorely disappointed, but having a friend as a stewardess could also bring unexpected opportunities.

Having come up with a rather unconventional plan to help him get home, his friend and her colleague seem far more excited at the prospect of him dressing as a girl than he is. When no other option presents itself, there seems little choice but to go along with whatever they have in mind.

Zach’s about to find out just what those sexy stewardesses get up to for himself, and it’s going to blow more than just his mind!

Follow Zach on his gender-bending journey in the sky, as he discovers a whole new world as a young, sexy stewardess, eager to please and ready to learn.

This 24,000+ word erotic story contains explicit adult content including; crossdressing, coerced feminisation, m/f masturbation, oral sex, anal sex etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.

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Taboo Feminisation – Available for free!

The sequel to a bestselling taboo feminisation tale – now available for free with Kindle Unlimited subscription…


Feminised by Mommy 2

Stevie starts a new job today…as a girl named Lucy. Since his stepmom discovered a pair of her panties secreted in his bedroom, he’s been subjected to her continuing feminization and merciless sexual teasing.

Cindy is more than pleased with his progress and is delighted to see her eighteen year old stepson developing into such a sexy young lady. The tablets that she’s supplied are starting to take effect with his body becoming ever more feminine in appearance.

What Stevie is not prepared for is the effect his feminized persona has on the new men in his life. He is soon subjected to some very close attention at work, especially from his new male boss. He must fend off his advances for fear of giving away his naughty little secret.

This is the continuing tale of Stevie’s feminization and taboo sexual teachings at the hands of his loving stepmom Cindy. Follow the two of them as their relationship continues to develop towards a very explosive climax.

This is a sexually explicit story of Transgender Erotica; containing scenes of oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, crossdressing and feminization. All characters depicted are over 18 years and are not blood related.

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