Hot New Sequel in Transgender Erotica!

From Stepmom to Stepdom 2

FSMTSD2 - Amazon book coverBoys will be girls, and these girls will play!

Two boys continuing feminisation at the hands of the woman of the house

The steamy hot sequel to Rebecca Sterne’s latest number one bestselling book in Amazon’s Transgender Erotica list.

If Mason thought his taboo feminisation was at an end at the hands of his dominant stepmom, he couldn’t be more wrong. This time however, Marie decides to make good on her intentions to reel her stepson’s friend into her planned punishments.

Mason soon finds his feminised self revealed to his best friend and cohort, Luke. If Luke knew what was about to befall him, he may have left his friend to his punishment and risked being exposed as having put on Marie’s underwear for fun, but he didn’t. These boys are about to have the experience of their lives, and there just may be no going back from here.

Follow this naughty tale of forced feminisation and sexual subservience as the two boys find themselves being taught a lesson they will never, ever forget!

This story contains adult content including; crossdressing, forced feminisation, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, spanking, taboo themes and is strictly suitable for adults only.

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Dressing for Dominance or Submission

woman-1473613For many people who like to engage in games of domination and submission, they tend to identify themselves as either one or the other. I suppose for many dominant types, the idea of submitting to another’s will goes against their very nature and is an uncomfortable prospect. On the other hand, for many submissives, they are simply not equipped to take the lead and inflict their force of will upon another, however willing the other participant.

For me, I have to say, there are merits in both, and the mode of dress will play an integral part in which role is the more appealing. For instance, wearing a pair of thigh high patent leather boots with accompanying elbow length gloves, and tightfitting basque, suspenders and stockings is far more likely to bring out the dominance in me, than say a delicate set of pink lace lingerie, in which case I’m far more likely to be leaning toward my submissive side.

Like most people, I tend to lean more to one side than the other, but I can certainly appreciate life on either side of the fence. I know this isn’t unique in any way, as there are many people who are able to experience both sides of the equation, but in my case the clothes really do make the difference.

For me, a pair of high heeled boots fits far more comfortably with a dominant persona than a pair of ultra feminine pink stilletto shoes. There are exceptions of course. Items of clothing that can and do fit either role. The first that springs to mind is a shiny skin tight catsuit. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but such an item can be ultra feminine and empowering at the same time, especially with those high heeled boots and mask. Oh I do like a skin tight catsuit!

I think it can be fun to experiment with different types of roleplay, but if you’re ultra submissive then it’s unlikely you’ll ever get the hang of being the dominant one in a scene. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re happy with your part.

Some people will inevitably be thinking of dominance and submission as being at the higher end of the spectrum, involving full bondage and physical pain, but you don’t have to include such things in order to roleplay one person being dominant over the other. There are plenty of other scenarios that can involve quite mild forms of dominance that do not entail any form of bondage. There’s many I can think of, most of which come with their own set of unique dressing up outfits; teacher & student, master & maid, boss & secretary etc. etc.

I guess really I’m just into dressing up generally, so any excuse for a new outfit and I’m there! What’s your favourite roleplay? Have you a particular outfit that puts you in a dominant or submissive frame of mind? Are you one or the other, or both?

Well, until next time, I’m off to pull on that black skin tight catsuit and see where it takes me, because you never quite know which way it may go. 😉

Becky x

New release in Transgender Erotica

FSMTSD - Amazon book coverFrom Stepmom to Stepdom

Boys will be boys, until they’re made to be girls!
One boy’s taboo feminisation at the hands of the woman of the house.

Boys will be boys, and Mason and his friend Luke are no different to most teenagers. Luke’s idea of a fun game however, soon turns into Mason’s downfall.

At nineteen, Mason has been living alone with his stepmom for the past six months. She’s an attractive woman, even he admits that, but until now he’d never harboured any taboo thoughts toward her.

She was supposed to be at work for at least another two hours when his bored friend decided to delve into their laundry and produce two sets of Mason’s stepmom’s lingerie. It was just for a laugh, he said. She’d never know, he said. She wasn’t supposed to come home yet.

It’s unlikely she’s the first parent to return home to find her teenage boy dressed in her underwear, but it is unlikely that most would react in the way she does. Mason’s life is about to be turned upside down, and he’s masculine identity is going to be shaken to its very core.

Follow Mason and his stepmom as he finds himself subjected to some very naughty punishments. Where will it end? Even she doesn’t know.

This story contains adult content including; crossdressing, forced feminisation, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, spanking, taboo themes and is strictly suitable for adults only.

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Hot new Transgender Erotica release for July!

fbfs - Amazon coverA finishing school with a difference, where boys will be girls, and the girls play dirty!

Stacy Cox is a nineteen year old boy, slim, and as far as his stepmom Cherri is concerned, of a delicate and somewhat feminine nature. Her attempts to have him find work to supplement his college education have failed. It’s time to force the issue and find him a future that will benefit them both.

Cherri’s sister has the perfect answer. The Femme Fatale Finishing School is a school with a difference, and as luck would have it she just happens to be one of its senior tutors. She always knew this day would come, or at least she’d hoped it would. Now she has the chance to take her sister’s stepson under her wing and mould him into the sexually subservient femboy that she’s always considered him to be.

For Stacy a new and unexpected future awaits. He could never have imagined the lengths that his aunt would go to in order to have him transformed into such a sexual creature. The very idea that his stepmom has been complicit in such plans only serves to reinforce his subjugation.

Follow Stacy as he finds himself entering the ultra feminine world of the femboy, where he’s quickly feminised and sexualised by his aunt and her school. Life will never be the same, and nor will he!

This is a sexually explicit tale of male feminization designed strictly for adults only; including scenes of forced feminization, masturbation, m/f oral sex, m/m oral sex, humiliation & anal sex.

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Kinky boots are the best!

woman-1473559 croppedFirst of all, a big apology for the lack of a June Newsletter! I’m afraid I’ve been off on my travels and quite unable to send one out until now… so sorry everyone.

It occurred to me recently that I’ve never really mentioned one of my all time passions. I have many – as you may have guessed, but one of my most treasured is that of owning and wearing a myriad of sexy footwear, and in particular my kinky boots!

I realise that many have a similar desire to wear such items, and one of my all time favourites is my shiny, patent, thigh length, lace up high heel boots – they’re very sexy. 😉

I admit to having a nice little collection of boots and shoes. There’s nothing quite like slipping on a pair of high heels that you just know make your calves look even sexier in those sheer stockings. Shaping your legs and making you feel just as sexy as you look.

We all have our favourites I’m sure. A pair of knee length zip up boots that hug your legs tightly perhaps? Or maybe that impossibly high pair of red shoes that just scream “SEX!” when you wear them?

Often it can be a painful experience wearing your favourite footwear. Sometimes it seems the most gorgeous and sexy looking shoes are the ones that provide the most discomfort, but it’s a discomfort that’s worth putting up with at times. After all, anything that’s worth having, usually involves some effort on our part – doesn’t it girls?

No outfit seems complete without that perfect pair of boots or shoes to complete the look – even if the outfit in question is just lingerie and little else!

Have you got a pair of favourite shoes or boots? Something that makes you feel sexy just by wearing them? I know I do!

Becky x


Your favourite lingerie item?

7301-a-beautiful-woman-posing-in-lingerie-on-a-bed-in-a-log-cabin-orFor most crossdressing males there’s nothing quite like the feel of pulling on a pair of silky panties or rolling a pair of soft nylon stockings up their smooth hairless legs to give them that blissful feeling of contentment.

There’re so many wonderful items of sensual and sexy lingerie to choose from, it can sometimes be an overwhelming experience deciding on just what to buy, or at least what to buy first!

I think females are so lucky to have such a choice of beautiful underwear to choose from that it’s almost inevitable that many males will be seduced by the look and feel of such items. To want to experience the sensualness of wearing a soft silken camisole and those matching panties that leave little to the imagination.

Can anything make a person feel quite so sexy and turned on as a full set of lingerie,  with matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings? Just add a touch of lipstick and mascara and submerse yourself into a world of exquisitely feminine sexuality.

So what would you choose above all else? What makes you feel special in that way that only your favoured item of lingerie can? A baby doll nightdress and matching ruffled panties – for that ultra feminine touch? Or the satin corset that pinches your waist to accentuate those silky panties below that sit teasingly above your black lace top stockings?

How does it make you feel to see yourself dressed in nothing but you favourite pink teddy? To run your hands over your stockinged legs as you delight in the softness and silkiness of your nylon encased thighs?

I bet you’re now wondering just how soon you can change into your sexiest of ensembles? Deciding just which pair of panties you’d most like to wear as your anticipation builds of stripping off those boring male clothes and donning something far more sensual and provocative. Can you feel your excitment growing as you consider just how delightful it will feel to slip that black see-through neglige over your head, or to fasten your sheer nylon stockings to that favoured garter belt?

Don’t worry, you’re far from alone. In fact, I think you should feel proud that you know just what it’s like to wear such naughties, just think how much you’d be missing out on if you’d never slipped that first pair of satin panties on, only to experience the most thrilling and sensous experience of your life.

So what’s your favourite item of lingerie?

Becky x


By Rebecca Sterne Posted in Erotica

New Transgender/Sissy Erotica Release

TIASSS - Amazon book coverTurned into a Sissy Sex Slave

One boy’s confession of forced feminisation and sissy submission to a dominant woman

Jesse is an unsuspecting twenty-one year old college boy who finds himself in debt to his landlady for the rent on his apartment. This strong dominant woman soon uses his own naivety and weakness to bend him to her will. At first it all seems quite innocent – if a little unorthodox, but what has he got to lose anyway? What indeed!

Follow Jesse’s confession of how he was forced to face the sissy inside of him, emasculated and used by his landlady to pay off his debts. This erotic story of forced feminisation and sissy servitude will bring your deepest and darkest desires to life with just a flick of the page!

This is a sexually explicit tale of male feminization designed strictly for adults only; including scenes of forced feminization, masturbation, m/f oral sex, m/m oral sex, bondage and anal sex.

Amazon categories: Transgender, Feminization, Forced Feminization, Sissy Fiction, Transgender Erotica, Erotic Short Stories, Transvestite Fiction, Gender Transformation.

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New TG Erotica Release

The third instalment in the “Sinful Shorts” series of erotic short stories has now been released; exclusive to Amazon and free to all Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Fancy a little taboo tale of crossdressing seduction this weekend? Look no further then, as I’ve got just the thing for you! 😉

Mommy's panty boy - front cover 3

~ Sinful Shorts ~

An Erotic Short Story of One Boy’s Taboo Crossdressing Seduction

Louis is an eighteen year old hormonal teenager with a sexy stepmom by his side. Their relationship has always been a close one, but it’s about to take on a closeness that neither one of them could have predicted.

Arriving at a motel for the night; with only one room available, one bed, him soaked through to the skin and her having left her clothes piled in the bathroom, her lingerie lying seductively in view of a sexually charged young man, something was bound to happen.

Follow Louis as he succumbs to temptation and finds himself being sucked into a world of forbidden lust and crossdressing pleasures.

The third in a new series of short stories by Rebecca Sterne, a bestselling author of erotic fiction. This story contains adult content including; crossdressing, f/m masturbation and is strictly suitable for adults only.

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Cinch that waist, girls!

corset-1330096One way of adopting a more feminine figure is to cinch one’s waist so as to give the appearance of real female curves. It’s a practice that has been commonly used by drag queens for many years, and of course has been used by some in the female to male transgender community in order to better pass as a woman on a day to day basis.

The practice of corseting  can trace its history as far back as the early sixteenth century. It has of course been used by women to accentuate their slim waists and achieve that most feminine of outlines right up to the modern day. I’ve read that the average waist size for a woman due to corseting at the height of the practice was as small as twenty-two inches! This also came with a high price of course, apart from the general discomfort associated with being corseted so severely, the ribs and indeed spine would suffer deformities when long term corseting from an early age was inflicted.

There is still a niche following of those who love nothing more than to indulge in waist training. To train their bodies into adopting a more pinched waistline over time in a bid to emulate such classic looks as those epitomised by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield and the more modern stars such as Scarlett Johansson.

I don’t of course advise anyone to inflict such suffering upon themselves in order to achieve an unrealistically sized waist measurement, but a less severe form of cinching can in fact help to acheive a more feminine appearance for those who seek to do so.

That hourglass figure so adored by many is often seen as the epitome of the female form, and with the simple addition of a basic waist cincher, you can transform your basic shape into one of a more feminine outline in mere moments. The addition of such an undergarment doesn’t even have to lead you into any great expense, and it’ll even help those fitted little black dresses look even more sexy on you than before!

If you haven’t tried one before, give it a go. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised by the results, but don’t expect it to go entirely unnoticed, after all, there are many men that are far more attracted to girls with womanly curves than some in the fashion industry would have you believe!

Becky x



New release in Transgender Erotica

My latest release of transgender erotic fiction has just been released – I hope you enjoy!

Aunty’s Little Sissy

One boy’s enforced transition into the sissy plaything of a dominant woman

auntys-little-sissy-book-coverJustin is a nineteen year old boy who’s tried the patience of his stepmom one too many times. In a bid to curtail his sexist and ungrateful ways she turns to her sister Patience for help, and sends him to live with his aunt.

His aunt is a formidable woman who knows just how to deal with young boys like him – after all, she’s had plenty of practice – unbeknown to Justin.

Whatever he thought the outcome of his intended punishment would be, he could have no inkling of just how far this woman was perfectly willing and able to go in her aims at subduing and controlling his behaviour.

Welcome to the world of female dominated sissies, where gender lines become blurred and sexuality is entirely fluid. Where boys find themselves no longer in charge and strong women hold the key to their future – in more ways than one!

This is a sexually explicit tale of male feminization designed strictly for adults only, including scenes of forced feminization, masturbation, m/f oral sex, m/m oral sex, bondage & anal play.

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