Clothing for girls, boys and inbetweeners too!

woman-s-midsection-8-1573756If you find yourself more comfortable wearing clothing of the opposite gender but find it’s not always practical or desirable to be fully crossdressed, have you thought of the simple act of wearing more unisex clothing?

It’s always seemed far easier and less problematic for females to wear essentially male clothing, but often it doesn’t quite translate the other way. There’s always the option to wear female underwear of course, but have you explored the possibility of buying female jeans or jeggings? It’s quite possible to also find women’s tops or jumpers etc. that can easily be worn by males without attracting undue and unwanted attention.

If you’re a male to female transgender person who isn’t following down the route of full gender reassignment, you may find yourself far more comfortable wearing female clothing that is essentially unisex in its nature. I have to say, a nice pair of soft, tight women’s jeans or even jeggings can feel a whole lot nicer than a pair of baggy men’s ones (in my humble opinion).

Of course, if you’re able and willing to do so, I would always encourage anyone to be themselves as much as possible, and I’m in no way advising that you should feel unable to wear whatever you’re most comfortable in, but I’m also aware that there are still many people in the transgender community who are unable or unwilling to be completely open. There are many reason’s for this, but it can still lead to feelings of discontent and unhappiness when dressed in a mode that doesn’t suit.

It may seem a simplistic idea, but you may also find that in everyday life when not necessarily able to express  your true self, it may just make enough of a difference that you can feel happier with yourself, even when not in ‘femme’ mode.

I’ve heard people mention ‘Equal clothing rights’ many times in the past, and there’s never been a time more suited to such an approach than now. So, if you’re not able to wear female clothing as much as you’d like, and you know you feel more comfortable in doing so, then why not take a fresh look at what’s available in women’s fashion. It could just be the best thing you’ve done for yourself for years. 🙂

Becky x


New #1 Release in UK Transgender Erotica List!

I’m excited to say that my new release has gone straight to number one in the UK’s Amazon Transgender Erotica list, and to number six in the U.S.

A special thanks to all of my lovely readers. 🙂

AHMTS - Book cover

A Husband Maid to Serve

One husband’s story of forced feminization and his transformation into the family maid.

When Andy’s mother-in-law grows weary of his lazy ways and inability to satisfy her daughter, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Her daughter is sceptical at first, but with her mother taking the lead in her husband’s rather unconventional training, she soon discovers the benefits of such an arrangement.

Andy’s life is soon turned upside down. He’s about to find out just who really wears the trousers in the family – something he’s unlikely to experience for very much longer!

This 24,000+ word erotic story contains adult content including; crossdressing, forced feminization, masturbation, oral sex, taboo themes etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.

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By Rebecca Sterne Posted in Erotica

Makeup lessons – From boy to girl

bathroom-1296554_1280For most girls, learning to use makeup is a natural learning experience as they develop and grow. For many, they’ll be taught the basics by their mom, older sister, or just by experimenting upon themselves and with friends. They’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, and just what each makeup item is for and how to best use it. For those girls who weren’t born into the role, it can be a much more daunting prospect.

Nowadays, with the aid of the Internet and the almost instant availability of online help and guidance for pretty much anything you can think of, tgirls can now find a much more readily available source of information on just such a subject, and specifically the tips and tricks for transforming masculine features into a more feminine appearance.

This obviously hasn’t always been the case, and I’m sure there are still many tgirls out there who would benefit from some one on one tuition, however, for many this may not be a realistic possibility. If you’re one of these girls that finds themselves unable to enlist the help of another, there is one way of getting around this.

There are plenty of makeup artists / beauticians that offer their services, either at their own premises or in your own home, that would be more than willing to assist. You’d probably be surprised how many of these have already had experience of using makeup on other tgirls, and they would normally be more than happy to provide some tuition as they work.

This option does of course require the ability to pay for at least one session, but it’s unlikely to involve any prohibitive costs, and you’d be surprised just how much more confident and adept at applying your own makeup you can become with just a single one on one lesson. So if this is something that you feel the need for in order to boost your confidence and enhance your look, why not take the plunge and contact a local makeup artist. A quick chat over the phone or even an email enquiry may be all that you need to take that next step to becoming the girl you’ve always wanted to be.

Good luck girls!

Becky x

First Transgender Erotica release of the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

My latest book release is now available from Amazon, and there can be no better way to ease yourself into the new year than a seductively naughty tale of taboo feminisation!


Becoming Mommy’s Girl

Becoming Mommy's Girl - CoverA sensually erotic tale of taboo feminisation

When Francis’ father leaves him and his stepmom for another life, he finds himself contending with an unhappy existence, both at college and at home. When one day his stepmom returns to catch him in an embarrassing situation, a misunderstanding ensues that will set him on a path he could never have imagined.

He discovers that the woman he has lived with since a young age has always harboured desires to have a girl. Their serendipitous coming together over a mistaken intention, along with her ready acceptance of a situation that could fulfil her needs, leaves him reluctant to destroy her new found happiness.

Follow Francis as he begins to experience feelings that he never knew he had, at the hands of a beautiful woman that is more than willing to help turn him into the young girl of her dreams.

This 19,000+ word erotic story contains adult content including; crossdressing, coerced feminisation, mutual masturbation, oral sex, taboo themes etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.

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Sexy Christmas Shopping Time!

christmas-2168051_1920 (1)The holidays are upon us once again, and it’s time to break out that special little Santa outfit and red sexy lingerie that you so like wearing at this time of year – what? You don’t have any special Christmas lingerie I hear you protest! Well, no matter, because now is the perfect time of year for some intimate shopping.

For anyone out there who finds it difficult or embarrassing to go shopping for lingerie, nightwear or any other girl’s wear, you might want to take the opportunity of having many more males inhabiting womens’ clothing stores and lingerie departments than normal.

Shop assistants will be perfectly used to having men shop for those intimate items for their wives, girlfriends or female relations and friends, so no one will think anything of it to see one more male entering what can sometimes feel like an intimidating environment – the lingerie department.

If you’ve never tried it before and would like to be able to shop for yourself in the women’s department, then now is the moment to do it. It may even give you that extra little confidence to carry on shopping with freedom in the future, once you find that it can be a pain free and enjoyable experience.

So come on all those who wish they had the confidence to buy that something special just for themselves this year. That cute little baby doll nightdress, or lacy basque with matching garter belt and stockings is waiting for you, and no one will suspect a thing.

A very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to everyone, and an especially sexy holiday to all.

Becky x

Christmas Special – feminisation erotica release!

All I want for Christmas…

Turned into a Sexy Santa Girl - cover


“The soft nylon stockings sent chills through his body as they encased his legs within a gossamer embrace.”

Chris’s twin sister, Kirsty, is looking forward to her holiday job as Santa’s little helper. She has her sexy Santa outfit all ready, and what’s more, she’ll be working with Billy, a boy that she harbours a secret crush for. When her brother manages to accidentally injure her, her plans begin to fall apart.

Kirsty can’t bear the thought of losing her job, if only she could think of a way to keep it while she recovers, but then, what are twin brothers for if not to save the day for their identical twin sister?

Does Billy know what he’s letting himself in for? Can he pull off such a brazen attempt to impersonate Kirsty, or will the whole venture land him in serious trouble?

Follow Chris as he’s immersed into his new found feminised role. He could be in for far more than he bargained for, the consequences of which could lead him down a very unexpected path.

This 17,000+ word erotic story contains adult content including; crossdressing, forced feminisation, masturbation, oral and anal sex etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.


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New release – A dark, erotic tale of female transformation

Bitten by a Werewoman - Amazon Cover

Bitten by a Werewoman

A darkly erotic tale of unwitting female transformation

Alvin is a predator – a predator of women. His regular hunts amongst the bars and clubs of his home city regularly result in his ensnaring of young women to sate his needs. Despite his girlfriend having moved into his apartment, he’s unable to resist his urges when it comes to using women to fulfil his desires.

Now the hunter becomes the hunted, as he falls prey to a most unexpected creature. She’s beautiful – of course, and she’s interested. He finds himself being led to a hotel room where she’s more than willing to give him what he wants – or so he thinks.
Alvin’s world is about to be turned upside down. If he ever wondered what it was like to be used by men such as himself, he’s in for a treat.

Can he find his way out from under the mysterious Corrisa’s spell? Will he ever be able to return to life as an alpha male? Or is he destined for a shockingly dark and hopelessly erotic existence as Avriel, the woman within?

This is an explicit story of male to female transformation and is designed strictly for adults only.

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Transgender Bathroom Rights

bathroom-1867354_1280I’ll apologise in advance for the serious nature of this post, but given the publicity surrounding transgender bathrooms and the use of female facilities by transgender people, I felt that I wanted to address the issue in my own small way.

I have to admit, in this day and age when most of us expect there to be a more enlightened and tolerant attitude toward different elements of our society, I feel somewhat disappointed when a subject like this is elevated to such a controversial level. It’s my understanding that there’s never been a recorded incident of a transgender person committing a sexual offense when using a female bathroom (or so I’ve heard), so I’m a little bewildered why anyone would believe this to be such an offensive act.

The reality is, that if someone identifies with the opposite gender and presents themselves in that role when out in public, there is little choice other than to use the bathroom of their adopted gender. It is quite obvious that the consequences of a male to female transgender person using a male bathroom could lead to severe consequences, and just as any self-respecting gender female would baulk at the idea of entering a male bathroom, so would a transgender person in that mode.

In the absence of unisex bathrooms being widely available in public, what would those who are so vocal about discriminating against transgender people in this situation have them do? Of course, I thoroughly expect that someone who is so opposed to showing a modicom of consideration and tolerance toward a group such as this would not have any alternative in mind, as they are not prone to offering solutions – only problems.

My advice to transgender people finding themselves in this situation is to simply try to draw as little attention to themselves as possible. It is always worth trying to “get in and get out” as quickly as possible, whilst not of course acting as though you are doing anything wrong, which you aren’t! If there is a queue you may want to seek alternative bathrooms if possible, and you may even be able to make use of a disabled bathroom if this is available – as they are usually unisex in nature.

Most people it has to be said, would not bat an eyelid at a transgender person innocently using the most appropriate facility at the time, and would be perfectly understanding of their situation. Despite my little rant, things have moved on over recent years and there is far more acceptance toward the transgender community now than ever before.

Unfortunately it is that most vocal of minorities that waste no time in acting offended at the least little thing, especially if they feel they can concoct some form of reasoning that supports their own prejudice.

It is my hope that reasoned and rational thought will overtake ignorance and intolerance in this case, and in most places it has done just that. I wish you all to be safe out there, and I’d also like to acknowledge all those non-transgender people out there who have stood up for this community in order to make this world safer and more understanding of their needs.

At the end of the day; if you have to go, then you have to go! So let’s all be sensible and intelligent people about this and not make bathroom privileges an exclusive and unnecessarily stressful experience based on a person’s gender identity.

Becky x

Halloween Transgender Erotica – A Sinful Shorts Special

Feminised for Halloween

~ Sinful Shorts ~

A gender-bending Halloween transformation that will haunt your hidden sissy soul!

Chris always puts everything off to the last minute, so when he arrives home having completely forgotten to pick up a costume for his wife’s best friend’s Halloween party, his wife is seriously mad. Oh boy, is he going to pay!

Lisa’s determined to have them both dressed up for the occasion, and if the only other costume available to him – is one of hers, then he’ll just have to wear it, like it or not. What neither of them could anticipate is just how convincing he is as a girl, and just what kind of attention he’s about to receive.

Follow Chris as he’s dressed for the part, with some very unexpected consequences. He’s about to learn what happens when your domineering wife dresses you for a Halloween party. Future parties are never going to be the same – for either of them!

The sixth in a series of explicit short stories by Rebecca Sterne – a bestselling author of erotic fiction. This story contains adult content including; crossdressing, forced feminisation, f/m masturbation, m/m oral sex etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.


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Feminised Halloween fun?

costume-aggressive-demon-devil-41662With Halloween upon us and an array of costume parties and events available, now can be a great time to take advantage of a golden opportunity. If ever there’s a time where you can play with gender boundaries and find an excuse to go out dressed en-femme, now is that time!

How about a sexy vampire costume, or an evil looking witch? No one need necessarily know that all is not quite what it seems underneath, and even if they do, it can all just be a part of the fun.

I have to say, now more than ever, there is a myriad of great costumes available out there. It’s easy to find them in stores or online, and some are pretty sexy looking (I have to admit – if you hadn’t guessed already – that I have a thing for sexy vampires!)

So if you have the opportunity, maybe try expressing yourself in a more feminine costume than you’d normally pick? Or if you’re confident enough, go all out in that sexy vamp costume you’ve always fancied wearing. I’ve known people use this as the perfect chance for coming out as their true selves amongst trusted friends and family.

Whether you do decide to go out en-femme or not, have a great Halloween, and if you’re able to introduce some sexy gender-bending fun – all the better.

Becky x